Living on the Edge

Crater Lake National Park, Oregon, USA


Life manages to get more than complicated this time of year. A mod podge of stress manages to get thrown at me and the holidays tend to be overlooked. Over the years I've learned my limits. No, we can't simply avoid it, run away from our problems; but we can change how we handle it. 
Finding time for me is an absolute necessity. My mental health is worth more than anything. I make time to just breathe, do what I love. Hike, dance around the room, yoga, listen to an inspirational podcast, go on adventures with friends, work on projects very personal to me... It's easy to get stressed this time of year and not have time to sleep let alone do something we love. Yet loving life and loving you is more important than anything. So I challenge you to MAKE time - at least 30 minutes every day to do you. Forget the schedules and deadlines for this time. Just move, breathe and be free. Remember what's really important in life. 

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